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North Carolina's Premier Beach Vacation Rental Search
Over 30,000 Rentals to choose from
Peace Vacations was created to help vacationers to quickly and easily find a North Carolina beach vacation rental property.

You are able to search from over 30,000 rentals which are represented by 100 rental agencies along the vast, beautiful, historic North Carolina coast.

After finding a rental that suits your needs, you can click directly to the representative agency for quick and easy renting.

Some of the features that will be included on the Peace Vacations website are:
    You have 82 different amenities to search from.
    The favorites page will compare amenities between rentals.
    You will be able to share your favorites page with your friends. This will link all parties to the same favorites page. All linked parties will be able to add and delete favorites and see those changes instantly.
    We will save each rental that you click on so that you can quickly revisit a previously viewed rental.
    We will save each search criteria so that you can quickly rerun previous searches.
    We can monitor rentals for specials and send you an email notification.